By Joe Farafontoff

Shroof's first recipe!

This is our first recipe post. Because of this, we’re going with Shroof original. The recipe that started it all. Our bread and butter. The belle of the ball.

We all have way too many things to do on a daily basis, so we promise to keep recipe blogs short, exciting, and to the point. We give you the Shroof promise that we’ll never post our life story before getting into a recipe (like 90% of food blogs out there). “It all started in May of 1995 on a cool summer night…” We won’t do that. We’re going straight into the recipe every time, so you can focus on creating a wonderful drink, and using that time you saved to travel. Anyone say Mexico trip?

Let’s get into it!

Step 1: Find your favorite coffee mug. Ensure it’s clean and up to standards.

Step 2: Begin by heating 8oz of water to a boil 

Step 3:  While the water is heating, add 6g (1 tablespoon) of Shroof to your favorite coffee mug

Step 4: Add the hot water to your mug with Shroof

Step 5: Mix mix mix 

Your pretty much finished at this stage, but we have some recommendations on how we enjoy it

Step 6: Grab some honey and milk. We at Shroof typically use organic honey and almond milk, but hey, you do you. Use whatever you feel happiest with. Add some honey and some milk to your favorite mug and continue to mix it up! The amount of honey and milk you use is totally up to you.

And just like that, a wonderful mug of Shroof has been created. It’ll be hot. So let it rest before enjoying. If you get to the bottom of the mug and there is still some Shroof in there, we’d recommend adding some additional water to keep the party going. The remaining Shroof is likely Cacao, which is not naturally soluble in water. 

Shroof on!