Giving Back to the Forest

Shroof is a company compiled of people (and dogs) who love all things outdoors. When we're not staring at a computer screen or working with product, we're outdoors. It's what keeps us balanced and motivated. 

With our love of nature and outdoors, we feel it's part of our company's mission and culture to give back to the planet that has given us so much. 

For every 10 bags of Shroof sold, we plant 1 tree. Yeah, that's right. We plant a lot of trees. By simply drinking Shroof, you are contributing to a planet with more trees and a better future.

We're looking to unveil more initiatives in the future as the company grows and expands capabilities. If you have any unique initiatives you'd like to see, we'd love to learn more. Please reach out to us at, or on Instagram @TryShroof. 

The Shroof Life

At Shroof, we believe in living life to the absolute fullest and having a ridiculously fun time doing it. Having been through three open-heart surgeries, Shroof founder Joe, decided to create a product that fulfilled his adventurous lifestyle without the downsides of coffee. The company quickly outgrew his kitchen as more people joined The Shroof Life. Now, people are Shroofing everyday. The Shroof life is HQ'd in beautiful and rainy Washington where we take advantage of the great outdoors that WA offers us. 

Why Shroof was started

Shroof was started out of a necessity for an alternative that has less caffeine and more benefits than coffee. After drinking coffee for nearly 10 years, I felt the reliance that so many people feel when addicted to coffee. With multiple heart surgeries, I needed to find an alternative, but I did not enjoy any of the alternatives on the market. Whether it was taste or functionality, none of them fit the mold I was looking for. Which is why I create Shroof. Shroof fits all the boxes I need: keeps me energized and focused all day, it tastes delicious, shroof only uses organic ingredients, it doesn’t give digestion issues, it’s easier to sleep any night without tons of caffeine in my system, and people aren’t getting the jitters or anxiety they might get from coffee.

Are you Shroofing?

If so, tag us on Instagram @TryShroof. We’d love to hear from you! 

Have more questions about The Shroof Life? Email us at