By Joe Farafontoff

Overview of the Shroof Blog

As the title says, we've created a blog. While we’ve been in business for some time, but this is our very first blog post! We're going to make this blog as exciting as possible for Shroofers. This means no boring or repetitive topics (we give you the Shroof promise). We're going to be focusing on topics ranging from how to make the best dang mug of Shroof, to success stories, to the craziest places Shroof bags have gone for photos. This is just the start. We’ll continually be releasing more content for the Shroofers in the world. These photos and times we speak about can be found on our Instagram @TryShroof (if you take any amazing photos of Shroof, we post the best submissions and will give you credit!). We occasionally post on Facebook, but we’re more of an Instagram company, even though Facebook and Instagram are the same company.

So what's in store for the Shroof blog? Over the next few months and years, we're going to be releasing recipes and awesome factoids about Shroof, mushrooms, all things coffee alternatives, and of course, crazy Shroof stories. There are a lot of big plans in store for Shroof, and if you would like to see anything special or have any recommendations, please reach out to us! We also plan on bringing in guest bloggers who will provide us with amazing and exciting content for Shroofers everywhere. In the future, we’d like to create Youtube and Tiktok videos. When this will happen is totally TBD.

If you’d like to learn more about Shroof outside of our blog, we welcome you to check out our about us page, FAQs page, Shop Now page, or our company favorite - Shroof’s Mascot page.

We're thrilled to have you a part of the Shroof Life, and we look forward to interacting with everyone!


Team Shroof